you need a building i create it of my soul

Ajand Panam Engineers Company, active in the field of construction industry and with more than twenty years of experience, was established with regard to the formation of coordinated and coherent expert consultants in the field of building design and providing engineering services.


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Ajand Panam consulting engineers always strive to perpetuate the plans and the name of Ajand Panam. The realization of this idea depends on the cooperation and empathy of the people whose plans are imprinted on their hearts before they are written on paper, and maybe, for this reason, its manifestation and physical creation are also pleasing to the heart.

Preliminary study and presentation of concept design (phase zero)

Design (phase one and two)

Interior design and decoration

3D presentation and animation

Project Management (Agent 4)

Superior supervision, resident and execution in the form of contract management

Production and installation of GFRC precast concrete parts

Providing engineering services at home and abroad

Animation in architecture

Making animation actually provides a better and clearer understanding of the project for its audience and in the form of a short film to facilitate the description of the project for pre-sale of the project, participation in the design and… application. At ajand Panam Technical and Engineering Company, we provided the possibility to provide the most ideal preview for employers in the shortest possible time by using experienced staff.


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Designing skills and building an efficient and beautiful space, taking into account the use of the space, the available size and according to the needs and expectations of the user, should be entrusted to engineers and experts who can discover the situations of the space at a glance and make everything in your dream come true.

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Amir Darvish Nejad Shirvani
Designer and CEO
Ibrahim Rouahi
Engineer Roya Dehghan


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