• What is interior design?

    Interior design includes various factors such as forms, light, color, texture, floor, ceiling, wall, functional and decorative elements and furniture. Basically, these elements are tools for the designer, each of them are placed in a suitable and coordinated way in a relevant design.

  • What are the benefits of interior design and decoration?

    The interior decoration of the house helps you to provide a calm and beautiful atmosphere, which can affect your mood.

  • What are the different styles of interior design?

    • Futuristic style
    • Modern style
    • Minimal style
    • Industrial style
    • Scandinavian style
    • French style

  • What is the difference between a terrace and a balcony?

    The balcony is a part of the building and is considered as part of the apartment area. The balcony has a roof and can have a view of the outside space or be completely closed. But the terrace is the space attached to the apartment and is not related to the area of the building. The terrace does not have a roof and is usually bigger than the balcony.