Important points for designing the interior decoration of a beautiful and different house

Important points for designing the interior decoration of a beautiful and different house: A beautiful house with a suitable interior design has a great impact on the mood of the people in the house. Home is a safe place to spend a good time with friends and family. Beautiful houses are designed with thinking and idea generation, however this design should not incur much cost. A good design requires knowledge of the basics of design principles, and in imitating and implementing any style, these principles and points must be observed. In this article, we are going to address the important points for designing the interior decoration of a beautiful and different house. Stay with us.

Important points for designing the interior decoration of a beautiful and different house

When you enter a house, the first thing that comes to your mind is the furniture of that place, such as sofas, carpets, dining tables, chandeliers, all kinds of paintings, vases, etc., which will fascinate you if the principles of arrangement and selection are observed correctly and beautifully. You become the decoration of that house. We can have a beautiful and different house by observing the following:

Choosing a suitable rug can create coherence in the living room space.

Choosing a suitable rug can create cohesion in the room and create a colorful and textured atmosphere. In general, the use of carpets to balance the various items in the room is essential. In a room where different colors are used, spread a carpet with a neutral color. Use patterned rugs for a space that has a shiny and polished surface. Observing such items helps to have a balanced and beautiful room.

The size of the rug will help you decide how to arrange the furniture, for example if you use a rug in the dimensions of 8 x 10, the furniture should be arranged so that the front bases of the furniture and chairs are on the rug and the base The rear doors should be off the carpet. If you are using a 5×8 rug, the furniture should be completely out of the rug. In designing large rooms, in order to create two separate spaces, two carpet boards are basically used. Using carpets in this way creates a better atmosphere and at the same time creates a beautiful balance in the room.

The use of plants makes the interior decoration of the house more beautiful.

By looking at interior design magazines or watching TV shows related to interior design, you will realize that plants have been used in the decoration of the most beautiful houses in the world. Naturally, people are looking for patterns and shapes that are found in the natural world. It is possible to use plants in all spaces. The use of flowers and plants in interior design gives the space around color, life and excitement. Use plants in places where there is enough sunlight. The use of sunlight, such as the amount of irrigation, varies from plant to plant. Many plants have a beautiful appearance despite the need for special care.

Using a suitable work of art completes the design of the home space.

Using a suitable work of art completes the design of the space. Many people make mistakes in interior design by improper use of works of art. These people use works of art that are very small in size, which may reduce the attractiveness of the work. In large houses, large works of art should be used, because such houses have more space.

The art paintings you use for your home should complement the design of the room and the colors. It is better to choose a work of art based on your interest in that artist or work of art. This makes the space personalized and avoids generalization. Make sure you choose the right length of panel. Many people use very tall boards. When installing the panels, it should be noted that the distance between the bottom edge of the panel is 3 to 8 inches higher than the furniture. The large distance between the furniture and the painting draws attention to the empty part of the wall.

Proper use of lighting is effective in designing the interior decoration of the house.

There are many options for lighting, from which you can choose the right option. Countless designs of lamps, pendant lights, chandeliers and other items are offered in the interior design and give the atmosphere of your room the feeling you are looking for. Keep in mind that the amount and angle of lighting affects the interior design. In colored rooms, sufficient light should be used to display the colors correctly, while in rooms with neutral and calming colors, little light is needed. If you do not have a problem in terms of budget, use lights that can be adjusted, and by changing the light, you can easily change the feeling of the room space.

The use of fabrics induces warmth and mood in the home environment.

The use of fabrics induces warmth and mood to the environment. Most of the textiles used in interior design are cushions and curtains. The use of these items makes the room a comfortable and cozy environment. If you only use roller blinds for windows, consider installing fabric blinds as an alternative. This will make the room look more cozy and complete. Use pillows with different designs and use the colors correctly.

Using the right fabrics will make the space look a little brighter. The best way to use the cushions is to use two 20-inch square cushions with eye-catching patterns in the corner of the sofa. From the other two cushions in the water

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